Welcome to Clearview Images


Hi, thanks for having a look around.

This site was built using the excellent 'supersized' jquery plugin by builtinternet (

While it does an great job, unfortunately with the huge variety of monitor aspect ratios on some screens the crop that occurs can be a little 'odd' :).

So if an image seems strange with a head cutoff etc, rest assured that the original is not like that :). I've also downsized and reduced the quality of the images to save on bandwidth, hence some images may not appear entirely sharp etc

Anyway, for the past 4 or so years I have been a professional photographer and digital artist. I have a great love of nature and travel and really enjoy exploring new places with my family.

My commercial portfolio is currently around 7000 images and available from around 15 agencies and my personal collection is around 30000 photos. My 'to-do' pile always seems to sit at around 15000 images :)

Amongst my galleries here you'll find an eclectic mix of photos and illustrations that cover my everchanging interests and travels. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

Phil Morley